Getting the most out of your Retreat

We do not use ‘treatments’ or 'therapies' on our retreats. All our methods are self-balancing techniques; we simply facilitate your transformation using the best tools possible.

As with any personal development programme, the more ready and willing you are to make changes, the more you will get out of your experience. Taking personal responsibility and participating fully in the process will yield greater results.

We recommend you come alone, although if you wish to attend with a friend or partner we are happy to discuss whether this is appropriate in your case.

Due to the nature of these retreats, we do not accept people with any autoimmune or severe psychiatric conditions, chronic fatigue, or those with substantial long standing trauma; feel free to check with us if you are unsure if this applies to you. It is not appropriate for people with addictions; also some medications can dampen your results significantly. For best results, it is best to be between a mature 25 and a youthful 70 years of age.

Before arriving on retreat, we suggest supplementing your diet with fish oils rich in DHA and EPA to provide sufficient building blocks for new neural-nets. We also ask that you refrain from using alcohol or recreational drugs for three days before the retreat, for the entire period of the retreat, and for two weeks afterwards. The presence of these substances in the system restricts the formation of new neural pathways, which will affect your results.

If you are coming to the retreat on a long-haul flight, we suggest arriving several days ahead of time in order to rest and recuperate before the retreat begins.

After your retreat, we suggest taking a few days to integrate your changes and fresh viewpoint before going back into life back home.

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