Costa Rica

Costa Rica (Spanish; rich coast)

There is no place on earth like Costa Rica.

Known as 'the Switzerland of the Americas', Costa Rica has a third of its area dedicated to national parks, has no military, offers a good standard education, and healthy economy. No pills or vaccinations are required for visiting Costa Rica, and the public healthcare system is the model for the region. The infrastructure and communications networks are excellent.

Pura vida (pure life) is the national Mantra, and a local greeting. It sums up the Costa Rican philosophy of life and happiness; clean food, air and water, close contact with nature, and pure thoughts lead to a bright, full life. This is philosophy is in the way they treat the vitality of their land; a full third of its territory is dedicated to national parks.

In Costa Rica nature is everywhere, and is easy to get along with. The height of the local mountains means a climate diverse enough to grow fresh local mangoes, pineapple and banana in the lower elevations, with local blackberries, strawberries and apples only an hour away in the alpine.

Our local area is Dominical, on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The area is part of a tropical rainforest reserve, fronts a protected marine zone, and is part of the Central American wildlife corridor. This is nature as it should be; in balance. With over 1000 species of birds, even the insects are in check. Home to monkeys, sloths, wild parrots and toucans, the forest here has a soft, lush intensity.

The Dominical area provides a stretch of countless beaches, each unique in its own way. Dominical beach itself is rated one of the ten best beaches in the world. The miles of open beach, steep hills and tropical jungle are absolutely hypnotising. Out to sea is a protected marine reserve for as far as the eye can see, to the beach a sea turtle reserve, and protected forest on shore. Rather off the beaten path, often you have this magnificent 20 mile beach all to yourself.

You can swim or wade in the surf, stroll on golden sands under the shade of coconut palms, look for migrating whales, or watch the pelicans and seabirds that inhabit the shoreline. Water temperatures are typically in the upper 70s to low 80s, perfect for water sports.

Dominical offers dramatic sunrises to the southeast, as well as some of Costa Rica’s most fabulous Pacific sunsets to the northwest. With such a low population, the tranquillity is palpable. There is no place better for personal transformation.