Welcome to Brainworks Transformational Retreats. Our innovative retreats are the first of their kind: a modern application of Western neuroscience and Eastern wisdom, working together to create positive, lasting changes in your mind and body.

Every retreat is designed specifically to help you shift deep-set habits and take a leap towards being the person you always knew yourself to be. Our programme rebalances the body and mind, freeing you of old thoughts or habits, bringing you the clarity and perspective to transform your life.

All of our programmes are tailored for you, to help you let go of what you no longer need, achieve your goals and bring out your best. We limit our retreats to only six participants, supported by four facilitators to ensure the highest quality for every individual’s programme.

Come join us on a transformational retreat, and get more out of a week than you ever thought possible.


Note: We are giving our retreats a rest for the moment. We have several new projects on the go, our transformational retreats will return once they are complete. To access our services in the meantime, please visit  our main website Brainworks Neurotherapy